immuG Rohr + Schlauch GmbH is a middle-sized company located at Walbeck, Germany. At this place we produce from rubber hoses, pipes and other parts for the use in plant construction.


We are based on manifold experiences and knowledge collected in decades of rubber production and combine them with modern production and quality control methods. Our strength is developing of solutions for problems of our customers in the area of conveying corrosive and abrasive liquids, suspensions, and solids.


We design and construct piping, we supply hoses and give advice to our customers about optimised application of our products. They are used in the basic industry, mining, chemical industry, electrical and environmental industry.


Our customers’ partner for special application of pipes and hoses in gravel mining is our affiliated company VG GmbH, located at Königslutter, Germany. Our experienced and motivated employees guarantee quality and dependable delivery service. The company is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008.


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Structural Solutions

  • Ultrasonic corrosion thickness testing and report writing
  • Corrosion protection on legal and DMR requirements
  • Detailed analysis report writing
  • Environmentally friendly Wet sandblasting (Complete Mobile Units)
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Un-chocking of Heat exchanger
  • Un-chocking of blocked pipe

Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

The Ultrasonic thickness tester had a wide selection of display and measurement modes, automatic gain control, and data-logging. The CG100 range of corrosion thickness gauges are ideal for measuring coating and material thickness as well as for

locating pits, flaws, and defects in materials.

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Specialised PPE

The 3-layer functional overall is CE certified both for visibility and protection against high-pressure cleaning. The gloves are waterproof with protection for up to 500 bar pressure, which provides friction, for the best grip on tools. The protective boots are CE-certified for pressurized liquids and tested for high-pressure hydraulic fluid.

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Wet Sand Blasting Unit

  • Electric start
  • Gearbox drive @ 1450 PRM G
  • 10m wash down hose, gun, and lance
  • 180 micron intake strainer
  • By – pass (BYP) S
  • Wivel hose coupling
  • Aluminium hose reel
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Specialised Maintenance

Specialised Pump Refurbishment as OEM Agents


Annual Maintenance(Shutdowns)


Section maintenance by execution of maintenance plans


  • Increase reliability and availability on specific sections of plants
  • Reduce downtime by predictive and preventative maintenance


Off-site maintenance of equipment at NEKSOL Engineering workshop