About Us

NEKSOL Engineering has identified the need for modern maintenance and specialised reliable products, by applying our capabilities and engineering principles to optimise company equipment and production.

NEKSOL Engineering’s main focus is Safety, quality, and reliability. By reducing downtime and breakdowns by cutting edge technology and supreme workmanship.


Specialised Piping

The GUR system is our solid rubber pipe system for casing entire pipework’s. It is applied in fields, where abrasive and corrosive material is conveyed, in mining, steel, sand and gravel, cement, pulp and paper, power generation, chemical, and other industries.

Structural Solutions

At NEKSOL Engineering, we offer environmentally friendly wet sandblasting with corrosion protection on Legal and DMR requirements, high pressure cleaning, un-chocking of heat exchanger and pipe as well ad report writing.

Specialised Maintenance

Increasing the reliability and availability on specific sections of plants. Predictive and preventative maintenance by execution of maintenance plans, as well as pump refurbishment and off-site maintenance of equipment at NEKSOL Engineering workshop.